The Laughton False Ear Spirals


Want to enjoy the look of stretched ears but don't want to stretch your lobes? Our amazing collection of false spirals look just like the real deal - in fact we carry many styles in both gauged and false just for that reason! These are the perfect option for beginners who are looking to experiment with their look before committing to the cost and time it take to properly stretch your lobes.

Our beautiful collection of false ear spirals is made from many materials such as acrylic, bone, horn, surgical steel, wood etc.. No matter what your style, we have no doubt you will find exactly what you have been searching for. Each pair has its own unique cut, shape, size and color with each having its own distinct style.

This is an organic natural product, which has also been hand carved, then hand finished so the earrings can vary in size, shape and color slightly from the picture due to these factors. Colour shades can sometimes vary slightly to the images displayed.

All wood used for all of our organic jewelry is sustainably grown and trees no longer able to produce are often purchased and recycled. No rainforest or protected species are used in the making of any of our jewelry we have available.

The Laughton false ear spirals are made of narra wood, that is the most commonly used wood in our organic jewelry collections because it is a hard and durable wood. Narra wood is dark brown in color with hints of red and black marbled throughout.

Made from narra wood, these ear spirals have an 18g surgical steel bar.

Sold as a pair.

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