The Be-Leaf Ball Stud


Here at Wicked we have compiled a massive selection of unique nose jewelry so if you are looking to change up your style or this is your first time changing it out then you have come to the right place! 

Our collections include beautiful gems of all sizes, cuts, and colors plus a huge variety of shapes, words, symbols, animals, flowers etc. Our unique designs and variety of styles are sure to please every style as our mix and match options leave you with endless combinations to choose from - we truly have something for everyone!

In our nose stud catalogue, you will find all proper backing styles including ball stud, L shape, nose screw and push fit.

Nose piercings are done using a 16g needle with 18g jewelry being inserted after to allow for a better healing experience. It is very important to wait until your nostril piercing is fully healed before removing it and inserting new jewelry. Once you are fully healed the fun part begins – time to shop for new jewelry to adorn your nose. 

Ball Stud – a straight post with a small ball attached at the end with a slightly larger diameter than the gauge of the post. This small ball cannot be removed and helps keep the jewelry from falling out of your piercing. This style is great for people who change their jewelry often or need to remove their jewelry for medical, sport or work-related reasons. This style is best for healed piercings only.

The Be-leaf ball stud features a leafy design. Made from 925 sterling silver, this ball stud is available in 22g.

Sold singly

Ball Stud

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Synthetic Opal Gems

Material925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is safe to use once piercings are healed, and should never be worn in unhealed piercings. Not suitable for long-term wear as it can tarnish easily. Always look for the ‘925’ stamp. Not recommended for those with nickel allergies. Wash with mild soap and water.

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