14g Bioplast Curved Bar Retainer


This bioplast curved barbell retainer is so versatile while having so many benefits for all your piercing needs. Bioplast is a hypoallergenic, flexible plastic that was specifically created for piercings. This lightweight, bendy material is great for those who are sensitive to metal alternatives as well as those who are unable to wear metal jewelry for medical or professional reasons as well as for playing sports/being active etc.

A retainer is used to hide a piercing and is much different from an external thread curved barbell pin as it has a flat, non-removable base on one end much like a labret. The other end has an attachment that can be removed for ease of entry and removal.

Available in 14g with a 10mm length and in a transparent color.

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Curved Bar

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Bioplast conforms to worldwide standards for body jewelry use. Biocompatible and medical grade plastic, bioplast is a hypoallergenic flexible plastic that speeds up the healing process faster than any other material. Great for those with metal allergies.

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