The Flower Me Pretty Surgical Steel CBR


The Flower Me Pretty surgical steel CBR with brass flower dimpled ball. This unique brass dimple ball can be worn in any size CBR, mixed and matched with other colours and diameters of CBR hoops.

The dimpled ball in any CBR can be replaced with any other dimpled ball of your choosing, a mix and match situation! Please keep in mind that your hoop may or may not need to be adjusted to fit a different ball based on size or shape difference.

Be sure to check out our dimpled ball selection here - Dimpled Balls for CBR

Available in 16g or 14g with a 12mm diameter

Sold singly

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Synthetic Opal Gems


Brass is used to achieve a vintage, tribal look with gold like appearance. It is not suitable for initial piercings, and contains no nickel or lead content. Not recommended on septum, nose or genital piercings. Should only be worn for short duration in well healed piercings. Wash with mild soap and warm water.

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