The Creswell Ear Weights


With over 60 unique styles to choose from, we have compiled a beautiful collection of ear weights made from many different materials such as brass, stone, wood etc.. No matter what your style, we have no doubt you will find exactly what you have been searching for. Each pair has its own unique cut, shape, size and color with each having its own distinct style.

Ear weights in general are primarily used to aid in stretching your ear lobe to a larger gauge. They can also be worn as everyday jewelry which in turn keeps your lobes from shrinking. Typically weights are made in just one size as the size doesn't really matter when the ear weight is hanging and stretching the hole. 

Please keep in mind your ears must be at least the gauge size stated in order for these to work for you.

The Creswell brass ear weights are a patterned hoop earring with a hinged open and close design. Made from brass, these ear weights are available in a 6g only.

Sold as a pair.

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Synthetic Opal Gems


Brass is used to achieve a vintage, tribal look with gold like appearance. It is not suitable for initial piercings, and contains no nickel or lead content. Not recommended on septum, nose or genital piercings. Should only be worn for short duration in well healed piercings. Wash with mild soap and warm water.

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