Marbleous Crescent Acrylic Expanders


Looking to stretch your ears? Then you've definitely come to the right place! Your main focus with stretching your lobes is to allow your skin to stretch as naturally as possible and to refrain from forcing this process from start to finish.

These classic crescent expanders/tapers are made of of marbled acrylic and come with two silicone orings per earring. Available in multiple colors with many sizes to choose from.

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Sold as a pair 

A few key tips to help guide you on your stretching journey:

1. Never skip sizes - always select the next natural size up from your current size when selecting your expanders/tapers. Skipping sizes is not only painful but can cause damage to your lobes ie blow outs, micro tears, ripping, infection etc

2. Clean jewelry and lobe before beginning. Remove one of the orings and insert expander/taper as far as it allows without forcing. Once inserted then you can slide the orings on each side of the taper until snug to both sides of your ear.

3. Leave expanders in at all times - be sure to clean in and around your piercing at least twice a day with clean hands only. We recommend either of our amazing piercing aftercare products found here - Products

4. After a few days slowly try to push the expander/taper further into your lobe. If it will move on its on then you are in business and if not then please try to be patient.

5. The thickest part of the expander/taper is the actually gauge of the jewelry. Once you are comfortably wearing the taper at its true size with no discomfort, redness or pain then you ready to move onto your next size.

PRO TIP - we carry a product called True Jelly that promotes the elasticity in our skin. This amazing product not only helps your skin adjust to the stretch but also acts as a lubricant during the stretching process. Check it out here - True Jelly


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Synthetic Opal Gems


An inexpensive and lightweight material, UV Acrylic is not suitable for initial piercings or unhealed, stretched ears. Do not soak in alcohol. May be cleaned with mild soap and water.

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