Life is a Song Gold Plated Surgical Steel Industrial


If you are looking for a way to change up your industrial jewelry then we have just the selection for you! Our unique designs are sure to please every style as our mix and match options leave you with endless combinations to choose from. 

Industrial piercings are an industry standard 14 gauge and come in various lengths to suit every different piercing. Most industrials feature a double external thread end which can be replaced with any 14g external end. If you want to take your industrial to a new level then check out our huge selection of 14g balls and spikes here - 14g Balls + Spikes

This unique industrial barbell features a treble clef in the centre with two external thread balls. Made of rose gold or gold plated surgical steel, this industrial is available in 14g with a 35mm length only. 

Sold singly

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Synthetic Opal Gems

MaterialGold Plated Surgical Steel

Synthetic Opal Gems

MaterialRose Gold Plated Surgical Steel

Real rose gold alloys are applied onto surgical steel in a heated chamber under a high vacuum. An electric voltage is applied, and forms a plasma in the chamber and the introduction of various gases produces an ion bombardment. It then atomizes the 24K gold into tiny substances which are deposited into the jewelry.

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