The St. Albert Anodized Heart Continuous


A continuous hoop is an easy piece of jewelry to wear as its main feature is in its name - continuous. This hoop will continuously spin with ease in your piercing allowing for easy, carefree daily wear.

To open and close this type of ring, simply hold the ring with the split facing up. Then slowly and consistently bend both sides of the hoop opposite ways and be sure to only open it as much as needed to insert into your piercing. Pro tip - when going to close the ring, hang onto one side with one hand and use tweezers to simultaneously bend back the opposite side. We suggest this because four fingers this close together on the hoop tends to obstruct your view and making you susceptible to bending the hoop out of shape. 

The St. Albert anodized heart continuous ring is made of anodized surgical steel and available in 18g or 16g with a variety of vibrant colors to choose from.

Colors available - Cobalt Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Purple, Rainbow and Yellow.

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Synthetic Opal Gems

MaterialAnodized Surgical Steel

Anodized jewelry is surgical steel with is dipped and coated with titanium. It goes through an electrochemical process that covers the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion resistant metal that won’t chip or fade.

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