The Mason Stone Plugs


Here you will find our beautiful collection of plugs and tunnels made from many different materials. Our vast material selection includes acrylic, brass including white brass + rose bronze brass, natural bone, natural horn, pyrex glass, natural shell, both natural + synthetic stone, surgical steel including anodized, gold plated + rose gold plated surgical steel and last but not least a variety of different types of wood.

No matter what your style, we have no doubt you will find exactly what you have been searching for. Each pair has its own unique cut, shape, size and color with each having its own distinct style.

Plugs and tunnels are made specifically for stretched ear lobes with multiple different flares available. Often times people with stretched lobes tend to have a preference as to which flare best suits their lobes. These different flares/types include double flare, double flare mechanical, mechanical, single flare and saddle. 

Please keep in mind your ears must be at least the gauge size stated in order for these to work for you. Plugs and tunnels should never be used for stretching.

This is an organic natural product, which has also been hand carved, then hand finished so the earrings can vary in size, shape and color slightly from the picture due to these factors. Colour shades can sometimes vary slightly to the images displayed.

The Mason stone plugs are made out of hematite stone. This type of stone is a dark, blackish grey opaque color with a metallic luster. These double flare concave plugs are available in multiple sizes starting at 2g - 25mm.

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Sold as a pair.


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Synthetic Opal Gems

MaterialNatural & Synthetic Stone

Rock and semi-precious stone jewelry is heavy and comes in smaller sizes. Rock or stone can break if dropped. Not recommended for new or unhealed piercings, and is only suitable to be worn for short periods of time. Must be cleaned with mild, antibacterial soap and water.

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