Stay Golden Tongue Bar


If you are looking for a way to change up your tongue jewelry then our mix and match options will leave you with endless combinations to choose from. Any tongue bar can be designed by you by heading to our Straight Barbells to pick your preferred length and material then off to our massive selection of of 14g ends here - 14g Balls + Spikes . 

Pro tip: Always keep a few extra balls at home for those unexpected moments you may lose or break a ball and need a quick fix!

Tongue piercings are an industry standard 14 gauge and come in various lengths to suit every different piercing. 

This gold plated tongue bar features two 5mm gold plated surgical steel balls and a gold plated straight bar. Made entirely of gold plated surgical steel, this tongue bar is available in 14g with a 12mm, 14mm or 16mm length.

If you would like a different length of straight bar then please email us at 

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Synthetic Opal Gems

MaterialGold Plated Surgical Steel

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