About us

Out with the norm, it’s time to celebrate you…

Alternative is a lifestyle. At Wicked, we are a community of like-minded people; a place to show off our own unique tastes. A place where individuals can celebrate their authenticity with body jewelry that reinforces their own style. From edgy and fun, to organic or hardcore, our complete collection is built to suit each individuals own originality. Fuelled by the love of alternative fashion and accessories, we’ve been donning customers with a wide selection of high-quality jewelry since 2007. 

About Wicked

Feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

When we found people were being forced to choose between quality and style, we wanted to break free from the norm of conforming to low-quality pieces and minimal choice. We’re zealous on making sure we provide our daring and stylish customers with a complete collection of top-notch body jewelry that reinforces their own style. Our huge range has been carefully selected from fully-certified and reputable manufacturers across the globe dedicated to providing the hottest in today’s alternative body jewelry fashion.

In Store. Online.

Not only do we showcase and sell thousands of items online, but are also stationed in three premier shopping centres across Alberta.